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Designing the Big Picture: Pay Attention to What You Love

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

My goal as an interior designer is to help people discover their own personal style and give them the confidence to make choices that are logical for their families and lifestyles, yet beautifully self-expressive.

Clients have told me that by doing this, I have given them the freedom to be themselves, and that after seeing their own creative ideas manifested, they have gained confidence in more than just decoration.

When I first meet with a new client, he or she is often focused on a specific item or room. But as a designer, I realize that making the most of any specific room requires understanding how the family functions throughout the home. Are their needs that are not being met, such as adequate study centers or entertainment areas, that could be accommodated in the room we are currently addressing?

As an interior designer, I approach each project as a one-of-a-kind situation, with the goal of getting into the hearts and minds of my clients to bring their needs and designers into reality.

I do this by helping clients focus on What They Love.

One of the most frequently asked questions that I hear is, “Where do I begin?” My answer is always, “Start with something you love.” That may seem a bit too simple, but it is truly the best place to start. It could be a painting, a piece of fabric, a pillow, a vase or even an antique relic that has been passed through the family.

Of course, people often pay attention to the latest trends and television decorating shows. That’s fine information but ultimately, the only opinion that should matter is your own. This is your home and it should represent your fingerprint, your style, your colors and your life that gets incorporated into it.

Creating a home that is uniquely designed for you and your family is a thoughtful process that requires commitment to the evolving plan. Design is about your own way of seeing the world. Your home should tell the story of your life. As your family grows and changes, so too should your home develop to meet the changing needs.

By simply incorporating possessions that you love and things that make you smile, the will naturally evolve into an overall design that you find irresistible.

Invest in a few home-decorating magazines. Tear out the pages that you find appealing. For each page, answer the following questions:

  • Is the style formal or casual?

  • Is it Country, Traditions, Contemporary or an eclectic blend?

  • Is there a specific piece of furniture or detail that appeals to you?

  • How is the room arranged?

  • Is there a lot of artwork on the walls or is it sparse?

  • Is there an abundance of smaller items or fewer larger items?

  • What are the three main colors in the room?

  • Are the colors pastel, bright, or in neutral tones?

  • How much pattern is in the space? Or is it all solid tones?

You now have a summary of personal design preferences that will help you begin your own home makeover.



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