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My Philosophy - Simplicity is Always Satisfying


I live in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, which has a large Amish population. I have always admired the Amish. They are a self-sufficient society, whose homes are truly simple. They understand the value of simplicity. They believe in giving to God, their community, and taking care of each other.


As in Christ's time, their church is actually their home. Each Sunday a different family opens its home for church. If you were Amish, one of the defining purposes of your home would be to accommodate the community for church. That would certainly have an effect on the choices you make for designing and furnishing your home, wouldn't it?

I believe that all home design should start with a mission statement. The Amish would incorporate Church into their homes mission statement.

For my own home, my mission statement is as follows:

I want my home to be ordered in such a way that it reflects the beauty and depth of our Lords' creation. I want it to be functional, provide safety and comfort, and yet remain gracious enough to soothe the senses and inspire dreams.

I believe in a simple yet abundant life, I don't believe that I must live as the Amish do to accomplish that. As an interior designer, it's often assumed that I have a magazine picture-perfect home. The reality is that I want my home to be beautiful and comfortable. I consider my style Simply Elegant.

My home is my sanctuary. I spend so much time with people every day that my home is my retreat, which is made complete with dear friends and family. What I hear most from those who come to visit is how peaceful my home feels. Mission accomplished!

If you were writing a mission statement for your home, what would it say? Would your mission be to provide an environment of peace, comfort, and joy? Creating a place that is conducive to family and friends is one way to define the purpose of your home.

Think about it. It's your home and it matters.

Be inspired and live simply!


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